Wednesday, August 17, 2011

News You Could Use

So for those of you who are proud owners of the Quilt Artist or the QuiltSew Clever recently there was a new update. First, if you didn't know this it is so awesome. Second, if you haven't yet done it, go do it now Quiltsew Clever or Quilt Artist. They've gone in and corrected some things and made it even more user friendly. So if you've not updated your unit yet, I highly recommend that you do. Also, I learned today that you must have your remote attached to your motor box when updating and you must reset to factory settings. I found this out when a customer brought her remote in to the store to update and then had an issue. But don't fear, all she had to do was update again at home with the motor box attached and now everything is again running smoothly.

The point to my rambling is that it's very important that you update your machines when a new update comes out. These updates will help with software problems, update with new information, and make your machines more user friendly. So if you've got questions about machine updates check out your machine model on the manufactures website. If you purchased your machine from Sew-A-Lot and need help getting it updated let us know. We're glad to help.

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