Monday, October 11, 2010

Festivals and Street Fairs

I spent the weekend doing one of my favorite fall activities, attending local festivals. I went to the Yellow Springs Street Fair and the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival. So much fun. I love to people watch, eat, see all the vendors have to offer, eat, visit with friends and, of course, eat. I was so over full of food and over stimulated from visiting with friends and family, that I need one more day off to re coop. :)

The vendors did not disappoint this year. There were a lot of booths full of peoples handy work, whether knitting cute little hats, pottery of all shapes and sizes, or cute little dresses (lots of them made of fabrics found at Sew-A-Lot), there was something for everyone. I got some new mittens for this winter, my step mom found a special type of pottery she'd been searching for and my sister got a crocheted hat for Lilly. She doesn't have much hair and will need it in the coming months.

Most of all the festivals and their vendors charged my creative juices. I'm ready to get into some sewing projects. Lots of ideas are running through my head. After Louis visits us this week at Sew-A-Lot, then I'll be able to start working on some new sewing projects.

I hope something inspired you this weekend and that you got to spend some quality time with your friends and family. I can't wait to see all of you at the Louis Carney workshop this week. If you're not already signed up, the Lexington store 859-264-7472 still has a few openings. Or if you can't make the workshop join us for the book signing and trunk show Wednesday October 13 6p-8p Lexington or Friday October 15 6p-8p Centerville 937-433-7474. You will surely be inspired by something Louis has to share.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quilts Guilds

Sorry long time no post. I've been very busy running up and down the interstate. I don't know if you know it or not but I've been working one day a week at the Ohio store and the rest of the week at the Kentucky store. I've had a lot of highway time lately.

And last night my little car and I headed to Lawranceburg, Ky for the Anderson County Piecemakers Quilt Guild. I would like to thank the ladies in Anderson County for letting me be apart of their meeting. I really like to go visit the quilt guilds. It's so much fun! I get to see customers I've not seen in a while and they do show and tell and hopefully I teach them something they didn't know. Last night of all the things I showed them, I think iron cleaner was the most popular item. Who knew iron cleaner could be so fun?

If you would like to see me soon, I'll be at the Harrodsburg Quilt Guild meeting in November and the Ohio Valley Quilter's Guild in December. If you are looking for a presentation for your quilt guild, let me know!